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Neither went anywhere nor did anything, yet Ashneer Grover earned crores of rupees in just 8 minutes.


Dec 27, 2022
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Mumbai. The second season of ‘Shark Tank India’ is going to come in the first week of January 2023. Many promo videos have come for this till now. A lot of changes have been made this time.

There has also been a change in the shark judges of the show. Bharat Pay co-founder Ashneer Grover will not be a part of this season. Ashneer gained popularity in the first season of the show for his outspoken opinion. He may not be there this season but he is always in the news. Everyone is convinced of his business idea and way of working. Ashneer is in discussion about his book these days. He has revealed in his book how he earned crores of rupees in minutes.

Ashir Grover has claimed in his book ‘Doglapan: The Hard Truth About Life and Start-ups’ that he had earned Rs 2.25 crore in 8 minutes. Ashneer got this profit by investing in Zomato. Let us tell you that food delivery company Zomato was also included in the list of IPO last year. It made people who invested in it millionaires on the day of listing

Ashneer raised Rs 95 crore from finance company for investment

According to the book ‘Duplicity: The Hard Truth About Life and Start-ups’, Ashneer Grover invested Rs 100 crore on Zomato’s IPO. He told in the book that he had invested only Rs 5 crore in Zomato from his pocket. He raised the remaining Rs 95 crore from Kotak Wealth at 10 per cent annual interest. You would be surprised to know that according to this, Ashneer had to pay Rs 20 lakh every week.

This is how Ashneer Grover got profit from Zomato

Actually, Zomato had an initial price of Rs 76 per share. The initial cost to Ashneer was Rs 85 including the interest charged by the bank. Its listing was done at Rs 115 per share. While Ashneer Grover told that when he sold these shares, they were sold for Rs.136. In this way Ashneer earned a profit of Rs 2.25 crore.

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